Contract manufacturing: Shortly before the procurement season

The summer is in full swing, and businesses are in for a hot time, both literally and figuratively. After all, they need to start thinking about manufacturing their products and choosing a manufacturer if they want to provide their customers with seasonal goods in the autumn and winter..

Everyone knows that even the largest companies that own multiple brands tend to rely quite a lot on contract manufacturing. Therefore, companies planning to release, for instance, a brand-new engine coolant or windscreen washer fluid or car-detailing product in the autumn, are already searching for contract manufacturers capable of producing top-quality goods that comply with the customer’s high standards.

Even though there are numerous contract manufacturers of all types offering these services, not all of them can guarantee the required product quality and work on the required scale. Delfin Industry talks to its readers about manufacturing and technological criteria that define a contract manufacturer.

Finding the ‘right’ manufacturer

The demand for contract manufacturing in Russia has been growing progressively over the years. Major global corporations benefit from entrusting regional manufacturers with production of their goods – it helps cut costs considerably and makes it easier to enter national markets. Also, contract manufacturing has been growing increasingly popular with medium-sized businesses that have no production facilities of their own. Special mention should be made of ‘private labels,’ when the customer not only needs production services, but also requires a brand, design concept, etc. to be developed.

Access to a certified in-house laboratory, multi-level quality control system and production facilities capable of handling both small orders and big batches with thousands of items rank among key characteristics of a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer.

Svetlana Samoylenko
Head of Sales at Patriot Garden

“Delfin Industry succeeded in developing and testing the product that complied with the customer’s high standards in no time using formulations they were given. They developed and got approval for technical specifications, samples were sent for testing to the developing laboratory (USA) that confirmed high quality of those samples. They designed and implemented an original press form, developed an original design for packaging. So the first basic series of oil was released in 2007 and it took the Russian market by storm, as until then it was occupied exclusively by imported goods. They did not stop there, the product range kept growing and expanding, and continues doing so still”.


Optimization in manufacturing

Yet another assessment criterion for choosing a contract manufacturer is its ability to operate across the entire production cycle. Delfin Industry being a turnkey supplier helps avoid additional spending on logistics, containers and labels for products – Delfin Industry can produce it all in-house using its own facilities. Turnkey suppliers enable customers to cut costs and time-to-market, as well as to guarantee top quality across all areas. Number-one benefit of using a turnkey supplier is an opportunity to streamline all operations, thus directly influencing finished products. Our company can develop a concept for your future product, create a press form, print labels and produce other printed goods, produce cardboard boxes, as well as offer several additional services as a part of its operation as a contract manufacturer.

Dmitry Potashnikov
General Manager at Intense, official Daytona distributor

“We have had a strong partner relationship with Delfin Industry for years. We are happy with the way they address any business issues and their production capacity enables us to bring to life even the most extraordinary ideas. Furthermore, Delfin Industry is capable of offering services across the entire production cycle – from developing a product formulation, printing labels and packaging to logistics and customs-related services”.


Reserve capacity

Delfin Industry’s impressive production capacity, personalized approach to every customer and well- considered value for money are all our strengths, and they enable us to lead the sector we operate in. Our reserve production capacity helps us take even the most massive orders while ensuring uninterrupted product manufacturing and delivery.

Marina Orlova
Project Manager at Pride Trade and Finance Group

“Pride was working on a product range for nearly six months, searching for a name, developing a design concept and promoting the product. All that hard work led to the birth of FILL Inn. While working on the brand we searched for a Russian partner to help manufacture our product. We met most big and popular manufacturers of car detailing supplies, yet we ultimately decided on Delfin Industry”.


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