TARAPLASTIC – on Trend of the Russian Package Market!

The Russian package market is one of the most dynamic markets all over the world. By estimate of World Packaging Organization (WPO), it ranks among the ten largest markets of the world. The steady growth can be seen in this sector currently, the package market turnover in the Russian Federation exceeds 14 bln. $ per year.

Recently the important trend has been observed: the Russian package production is growing while the foreign one is decreasing. In addition, serious changes have occurred recently: while cardboard and paper package prevailed at the Russian market up to 2008, 2009 saw the polymer package coming to the force. This trend gained a foothold, and Russian manufactures started mastering polymer materials of all kinds quite intensively. However, in spite of growing demand for package and increased outputs, not all Russian manufacturers can offer the appropriate products meeting the international standards or manage a complete production cycle for the customer. So what are the criteria a present-day package manufacturer in Russia shall meet to offer not merely a product to a client but certified goods of international quality level?

Complete Production Cycle

The Russian package industry has certainly made good progress for recent 15 years. Enterprises expand methods used in their activity and tend to cover the entire production cycle. A great many of companies fit with up-to-date equipment, furnished with all the quality control means and employing highly qualified staff have appeared. TARAPLASTIC is among such companies. The dynamic enterprise has been operating at the market since 2001 and deals not only with package production as productive capacity of the company allows developing and manufacturing molds and producing packages of various sizes and colors, offering a wide range of printing services, fabricating corrugated cardboard boxes and stretch wrap. Since TARAPLASTIC belongs to International Commerce and Industry Association Commerce and Industry Association, the latter promotes the development of this field intensively.

TARAPLASTIC follows the market development closely, and on this basis tries improving its production and refer to consumer needs. It masters new production areas and methods constantly. A share of packed goods keeps on growing in Russia at present, namely in such industries as petroleum chemistry, household chemicals, motor oil production, automobile chemistry, cosmetic products. Amounts of product consumption and production output are increasing thus requiring more proper packages and containers. For the recent ten years many major manufacturers have found themselves in necessity of not only package production but also in execution of related works: printing and design services, box fabrication, etc. Full cycle production advantages are obvious: it allows for consumers to avoid many organizational and logistics problems and saves money. TARAPLASTIC offers a full and up-to-date production cycle: from the order for mold manufacture to delivery of the finished and packed products to the destination.

Package as the basis of market progress

The workmanship and peculiar design contribute to product promotion at the market in many respects. Due to its ease of use, ergonomics, low price and distinctive appearance, the package becomes an essential product in any industry. The growth in oil-refining, chemical and other large-scale industries has a direct influence on the package market, and the increased production output causes increased amount of package production. Since the petrochemical and cosmetics productions in Russia have been accelerating their rates, the demand for polymer package has arisen. According to experts, the polymer package area has been developing more dynamically that all the others since 2008. It is the polymer package manufacturing that TARAPLASTIC majors in: we are ready to make packages and covers of all volumes and shapes to order. Our designers will make an exclusive design of cans for you, highly knowledgeable specialists of the design department will make drawings and molds.

The Cardboard Package Age has not Yet Finished.

In spite of slight decrease in production of cardboard and paper package, these materials are still in demand at the market of packing materials. To total production output of corrugated production amounted to about 4,383 mln. sqr. m in 2012 in Russia. The production output of container board amounted to 2,897 thousand tons in 2012 in Russia and exceeded the domestic demand by 25%. Till now the demand and supply balance for raw materials has been reached due to export thus maintaining high prices at the domestic market. TARAPLASTIC keeps a sharp lookout for market trends and tries to develop each package production area proportionally. Thus, the company is extensively producing not only plastic package but also stretch wrap and corrugated board boxes. Our enterprise manufactures corrugated boxes of various sizes and colors. Flex-printing is also available.

Printing Art of the Future

The next aspect of significance in production of package and packing materials is printing art. Printing is an essential part of this industry. The package industry takes advantage of all present-day printing capabilities – from regular package stickers to stamping and cutting of all types. To attract a consumer, Russian manufactures are making use of special printing kinds more frequently, in order to fit their products with a distinctive and bright package, special stamping, etc. TARAPLASTIC offers a complete range of printing services such as: printing of labels, stickers and advertising booklets with selective or complete lacquering, stamping, cutting, flatting, lamination, development of camera-ready copies and design operations of any complexity.

TARAPLASTIC is ready to execute orders without any limitations of the product output!